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Wall to Wall Carpet Install

wall to wall carpet text overlaid stock photo of puppy chewing on treat on gray carpet

Installing wall to wall carpet that fits perfectly and snugly into your room may seem like a challenge but it’s actually a pretty simple task that only requires a couple of days when done by yourself or, preferably, with the help of a friend. Here is your 6-step guide to installing wall to wall carpet:

Step #1: Take measurements of the room

Use either a tape measure or a laser room measure to measure both the length and width of the room in which you plan on installing the carpet. Once you’ve got these measurements, add a couple of inches to both to give you some extra room for your threshold, the seams, and any potential mistakes. 

Step #2: Check for squeaky floors

Walk around on the uncovered floor and see if there are any parts that squeak. Use pieces of masking tape to mark the squeak locations with an “X” then add a screw to those places. This helps to minimize and remove the squeaking sounds. 

Step #3: Install tack strip

Along the perimeter of the room, install tack strip so that it is not flush against the wall. Instead, keep a small gap between the tack strip and the wall. You should be able to slide your fingers between the edge of the tack strip and the wall. Then hammer and nail the tack strip into place. 

Step #4: Add carpet padding

Roll the carpet padding onto the floor and pull it as close to the tack strip as you can get it. Add extra padding by the entryways and thresholds. Then tack the carpet padding down with a staple gun. 

Step #5: Roll out the carpet

Next, roll the carpet over the carpet padding and position it to fill the whole room bearing in mind that you’re going to have a little excess around the edges. 

Make cuts along the outside to fit the carpet appropriately to the room. To make sure the carpet fits flush against the baseboard of the wall, use a knee kicker and kick the carpet to the baseboard. 

Then hammer in a nail every 6 inches, only hammering the nail halfway down. You’ll repeat this process around the entire perimeter of the room. 

Step #6: Trim and stretch the carpet

Now you want to trim the carpet using a sharp knife where you made the cuts in step 5. Tack the carpet down using the side of the hamper so that it sits firmly on the tack strip. 

Make sure not to use the head of the hammer as it will bend the tack stripping and keep the carpet from fitting properly in the room. 

Use a power stretcher to re-stretch the carpet and fit it into that space between the wall and the tack strip.