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Picking Perfect Flooring

For many people who are getting ready to buy flooring, they think that there are three main options to choose from: carpet, wood, and tile. Sure, there’s other styles, but those are the main staples, right? What these people don’t know is that as technology has advanced, so have their flooring options! Here’s a quick guide to today’s best flooring options so that you can pick the perfect flooring for you.

Laminate Flooring: Classic Looks, Innovative Benefits

Laminate flooring has been taking the flooring world by storm due to its wide variety of great styles and its practicality. For those who love tile or hardwood flooring looks, laminate flooring should be on your list - especially if you’re doing a DIY installation project!

Why People Love Laminate Flooring

Besides an incredible array of visual styles, laminate flooring is known for its practical benefits as well:

Laminate flooring is the perfect fit for people who are looking for wood or tile styling but are nervous about keeping their flooring pristine under heavy use. We recommend laminate flooring for families, pet-lovers, offices, and any other place that sees a lot of activity.

Hardwood Flooring: Lasting Value, Diverse Style

Hardwood flooring is the top pick for many people love classic and rustic styles. It can make a room warmer with deep and colorful stains, lighter with bright grains, or the epitome of timeless class. Better yet, hardwood floors are known for lasting decades with their occasional refinishing.

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What’s the Difference Between Solid Wood and Engineered Wood?

If hardwood flooring is at the top of your list for your next project, you should ask about engineered wood as well.

Visually, they’re exactly the same. Engineered wood is made of 4-6 layers of plywood with a layer of your wood of choice on the top and bottom, providing the same appearance. The plywood, however, is not necessarily to cut costs. It actually helps to preserve the wood depending on where it is installed.

Especially in a low-lying area like Norfolk, Chesapeake, or Virginia Beach, the first floor and basements of houses may be at risk of moisture during times of heavier rainfall. As a result, many hardwood floors are at risk structurally when moisture is present. The engineered wood actually gives the flooring a stronger core to help it resist expanding or contracting in moisture or temperature changes.

If you are doing a ground level floor or a basement in an area that gets a lot of moisture, be sure to ask about engineered wood!

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) - The New Standard

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are a lot of new alternatives to your classic hardwood and tile options. LVT is one of the newest options, and it is quickly becoming a favorite of homeowners, property managers, business owners, and anyone else who shops for flooring. It features the best of current flooring styles and impressive durability all at a budget-friendly value.

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Visual Variety, Consistent Value

LVT impresses many people because although it is not hardwood or tile, many people wouldn’t even be able to tell once it is installed! Visually, it brings every ounce of style to the table but adding several key benefits as well. You can pick the perfect style for any space while still getting the same great practical benefits like:

Carpet - The Classic for Comfort

For lovers of all things soft and warm, there is nothing like a new carpet. But if it’s been a little while since you last bought carpet, there’s likely quite a few new benefits you didn’t know about!

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Stain-Resistance in 2018

Have you ever bought a new carpet, loved it, and lived in perpetual fear of a glass spilling or a pet marking their new territory? Well 2018 has brought us new advancements to carpet options! While still being softer and comfier than ever, many new carpet lines are offering unprecedented stain-resistance and durability. While it does vary from carpet to carpet, be sure to ask about what durability options are available!

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