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Flooring for Each Room

best flooring graphic overlaid over white modern kitchen room scene

Let’s be honest, with all the flooring options on the market and all the innovative products constantly being introduced, picking new flooring for your home can be a bit of an overwhelming process. So today, we’re going to put aside the array of styles, colors, and textures and just discuss the basics of the best flooring options for high-traffic rooms in your home. 

hardwood staircase in modern living room with white oak floors

Best Flooring for Your Bathroom

Because we wrote an entire article on the best flooring types that can stand up to bathroom wear, we’re not going to go too in-depth in this article. Essentially what you want and need out of bathroom flooring is for it to be waterproof and slip-resistant. This makes tile and vinyl both great flooring options for your bathroom and here’s why:

Avoid: Cork and linoleum, although eco-friendly and water-resistant, are easily stained and require a lot of maintenance in order to keep them looking top of their game. Plus, linoleum is extremely slippery when it’s wet. 

Best Flooring for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a high-traffic area and therefore needs to be durable, waterproof, stain-resistant, and smooth underfoot. Both sheet vinyl and engineered hardwood fit these requirements:

Avoid: Vinyl tiles which, as we mentioned before, have too many seams where moisture and crumbs can find their way into and affect the subfloor. 

Best Flooring for Your Bedroom

The most important thing required of bedroom flooring is that it’s comfortable under bare feet but it should also be attractive and durable. The bedroom is the one room that can do well with almost any type of flooring but our favorites for the bedroom are carpet (of course) and laminate. Here’s why:

Avoid: As we mentioned, there is really no floor that you can go wrong with in your bedroom.