Unexpected Ways to Use Tile

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Tile is one of the most versatile materials out there because not only does it make for a great and aesthetically pleasing bathroom or kitchen floor, but it can also be used in a variety of other ways to decorate your home. So whether you’ve got leftovers from a recent flooring project, you want to get a little fancy with your home decor, or you just fell in love with a tile you saw at your local Floor Trader and must do something with it, you’re bound to find your next DIY project in this list. So besides the obvious projects like tiling your bathtub or shower area, here are seven ways you can use tile in your home that you probably hadn’t thought of. 

Tile Backsplash

Tile Backsplash

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Tile backsplashes have become very popular over the past few years and rightfully so. They are a great way to add texture and style to a boring kitchen or bathroom wall. We love the herringbone pattern that this homeowner chose with a contrasting mortar and it is a look definitely achievable for the DIY homeowner.

Tiled countertop

tiled countertop


This is the perfect way to upgrade an old, stand-alone cabinet. It lends itself well to many different types of tile; you can go for larger tiles like in the picture above or you can play around with different tile colors and cutting them to create a more intricate pattern. This is a pretty easy project and one you don’t often see so it will certainly add an unexpected interest point to your kitchen or dining room.

Add dimension to your kitchen with a tiled island 

tiled kitchen island


A backsplash isn’t the only place in your kitchen where tile can add some serious dimension and style. Give the illusion of a printed kitchen island by playing around with patterns and varying the size of the tiles. 

Give a table a second life with a new tile tabletop

tiled tabletop


An old or ugly table can be completely refreshed with a new tile top. We recommend doing this with either a square or rectangular table as it’s very difficult to cut tiles into any shape but straight including the arcs that would be required to cover a circular table. Before starting to affix the tiles to the tabletop, start by laying them out to give you an idea of what they’ll look like in full effect. 

For a table you plan on using outdoors, apply extra layers of adhesive to the center of the table to create a gradual slope, slightly higher than the sides to allow rainwater or spills to drain off the table rather than pooling at the center.

Create a tile accent wall

tiled accent wall

An accent wall certainly isn’t a revolutionary idea; plenty of homeowners have used it to draw attention to a certain wall typically in their living rooms. But a tiled accent wall will give you a completely different effect and turn a lackluster room into a much more dynamic room. While a tile accent wall is most obvious in a bathroom, you don’t have to limit this design element within the four walls of your bathroom that aren’t nearly as visible as...say...your living room? 🤷

Add tile to your fireplace

tile fireplace

Source: Leanneford.com

If your fireplace is starting to feel drab, giving it a tile makeover is the perfect update to give it back its warmth. 

Tile your entryway 

tile entryway

Source: Houzzi.ru

Tile’s waterproof and easy cleaning properties make it a good choice for your entryway. Go for a darker tile to create a dramatic look when styled against a largely light-colored front door area.

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The Floor Trader Showrooms are independently owned and operated. Prices, products and services provided may vary by location.